Cannabis Pre-Roll System

Cannabis Automated Pre-Roll System

Emerald Automation partnered with All Fill and FANUC to create a high speed Pre-Roll filling, twisting and weight validation system for the Cannabis industry. The systems consists of a pre-roll cone delivery system to place empty cones into six single cone holders that are on an eight station rotary table. The servo-driven table indexes the cones under an All Fill linear scale that accurately creates a single charge in desired weights: 0.5g, 0.7g and 1.0g fills.

The system has two fill zones with three scales each. Once the charge is in the cone, it is rotated to a tamping section where all size cones are lightly tamped to a proper level. The tamped cones then rotate into position where a FANUC SCARA robot engages each cone and twists the top closed.

In Station 6, two of the six completed joints are lifted by a second FANUC SCARA robot and positioned onto separate load cells to validate the proper weight of each joint. Joints that are out of spec are divrted into a reject bin for rework. Joints that are within the spec are diverted into a bin ready for final packaging. The last two cells are available for integrating vertical tube loading and blister pack loading. The system operates at 50 completed joints per minute, with one operator.

Cannabis Automated Pre-Roll System Features


Cannabis Automated Pre-Roll System Construction

  • Fifty (50) completed joints per minute, with one operator
  • SR-3iA SCARA Robot with R-30iB Compact Plus 1-Phase CE/NRTL Approved Controller and
    LR HandlingTool Software
  • SCARA SR-3iA Full Bottom Cable Exit (with valves)
  • Servo Driven Rotary Table
  • Multiple weight settings
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Easy-To-Use Operator Interface with ‘On-Board’ Help Screens
  • No-Tool Adjustments
  • Heavy-Duty Frame & Manufactured Parts
  • Powder Coating Finish
  • Wash-Down Options
  • Allen-Bradley Controls Standard
  • U.L. 508 Listed
  • Quick-Disconnect Field Devices
  • Easy-Access Lexan Guarding
  • OHSA-Approved Safety Design
  • Stainless Steel Packaging Available


Equipment To You With No Up-front Cost!

Would you like to have access to our robotic pre-roll production line without the upfront equipment investment? Emerald Automation and MD Packaging make it possible! Equipment as a Service (EaaS) is a pay-per-use model. We provide our pre-roll line, with no up-front cost. We monitor it remotely, provide predictive maintenance service, to uphold an SLA, and charge you based on the quantity you produce each month!