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Integrated Robotic Packaging Line
Personal Care Product Fulfillment


A fulfillment company came to Emerald Automation to find a machine that would load bags of various products into standard RSC cases. Early discussions pointed us towards the Dash-DP Rotary Drop Packer; not because of it high speed capability but for its flexibility to handle various bags with varying weights and size of product without costly changeovers. As a FANUC Authorized Integrator, we offered a second solution to use a robot with a spatula as an end effector.

Accepting filled and sealed bags, we grabbed the completed bag and laid it down on a bag checkweigher infeed. The bag is then checked for proper weight and transferred onto an incline conveyor up to the robot tool. When the bag reaches the top of the conveyor, the bag is deposited onto the spatula tool. With the bag in place, the Robot moves, inserting the end arm and tool into the box, tilting the tool to leave the bag flat at one end of the case. On the next bag, the robot places the bag at the other end of the case, creating a 2 x 1 layer pattern. The process continues until the proper bag count is achieved. Depending on the order, they can load as little as 10 or up to 42 bags per case. Emerald sourced the RSC case former and top sealer from another manufacturer. As a side benefit, the lead time was about 6 weeks shorter than our rotary drop packer would have been by using a robot.

Composite Can Integrated Robotic Packaging Line
for Trays/HSC/RSC Containers


A producer of croissants and cinnamon rolls contacted MD Packaging, our representatives in Canada, regarding an integrated robotic packaging solution to accumulate composite cans and load them into Tray, HSC or RSC containers. MD was able to bring five of their principles together, under the guidance of Emerald Automation, to provide the complete line times two. The challenge was to provide two dough lines in one room.

We would accept the cans, after the labeler, into a vertical stacker to create the proper pack pattern. As a FANUC Authorized Integrator, we chose the M-10iA robot to meet our payload requirements. Since each pattern could be supplied in a tray, HSC or RSC we created a simple conveyor design to feed the load cell from either type former. With the cans loaded, they return back around and through a top sealer with pass through for trays and HSC’s into a FANUC Robotic Palletizer from Flexicell. The robotic packaging solution features an Emerald Automation Robotic Case Packer, Case Formers from Pro Mach, Trayformer from Boix, Highlight Case Sealer and Conveyors by George A. Wright. The raw materials input and palletized finished goods use the same fork lift access. If you are looking for a simple, reliable system, give us a call at 509-783-1369 and let’s talk about it.

Canabis Blunt Automated Filling Line


Blunt Automation:

One of the highest costs in the industry is the manual process of filling, tamping and twisting blunts.

After being approached by several cannabis producers to help them automate, our starting place was to determine which FANUC Robot to deploy in the system. The SCARA was the most cost effective and speed capable solution. With that, Emerald determined that blunts needed to be preloaded into a pocketed tray that would keep all the empty blunts in proper registration throughout each step. Pre-loaded trays enter the system to the filling station where they are staged. The product is vibratory sifted to a consistent grade. That product is fed to the fill station where the product is evenly distributed over the charge block. The loaded block moves to locate over the empty blunt tray with overfill collection and return. The loading robot takes the filled tray and places it over the empty blunt tray for filling. That filled tray then moves to a tamping station to ensure a proper fill with adequate room to twist the top. The next stop is the twist station where a second robot twist closes the top of each blunt individually. The completed blunt can be loaded into the retail product tube, and then deposited into a bulk case, or staged for manual or display tray loading. Speeds to 24 blunts per minute / 1,440 per hour / 11,520 per 8 hour shift. If you have an idea like this, or something else, and want to have help in making it a reality, give us a call and let’s talk…509-783-1369.

Frozen Hash Brown Patty Line
10ct & 20ct Open Top Cartons


We have partnered with FANUC Robotics to offer industry-leading packaging solutions. FANUC is reshaping the Automation Industry through continuous innovation. They're diverse robot line covers a wide range of applications. With nearly 4 million robots, CNCs and factory automation systems installed throughout the world, their experience and industry knowledge is unmatched.

A dominant food processor of potato products (specifically frozen hash brown patties for retail sales) approached Emerald Automation to supply a lower cost, simple system to load patties at 1,000 per minute. They had an idea of how to bring the frozen patties from the freezer into multiple single lane format through Fore Pack. Once they had the patties in line and separated, Fore Pack created stacks of 5 patties and released them to the Emerald Automation Wash Down Robotic Tray Loader. With the stacks of patties singulated, they are introduced to an up stacker where groups of 10 or 20 are created. The robot is staged at the up stacker and receives the load when achieved. The robot rotates and places the entire load into the carton at one time. Cartons are received from dual formers onto a dual laned flighted conveyor. Each lane is diverted to each robot system and can be fed individually or simultaneously. The filled cartons are discharged and sent through a merge/divert system and wrapping. Along with designing the complete system and providing the robotic loaders, Emerald also delivered a FIFO Accumulator providing 5 minutes capacity.

If you have an idea like this, or something else, and want to have help in making it a reality, give us a call and let’s talk…509-783-1369.

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