Potato Infeed
Inspection Conveyor

Potato Infeed Inspection Conveyor

Emerald Automation's Potato Infeed Inspection conveyor complements a complete line integration for our AF-40 Potato Wrapper. It is used to feed the AF-40 potatoes one at a time by it's unique roller system. When fed by the customers' conveyor, it can eliminate the need for an operator to place potatoes into the AF-40, resulting in reduced manpower. Emerald Automation can also supply additional equipment for automatic feed systems such as tote hoppers, case hoppers, inspection tables, and other case & product handling conveyors.

Potato Infeed Inspection Features


Potato Infeed Inspection Construction

  • Adjustable for various sizes
  • Gentle product handling rollers
  • SST Construction
  • Integrates with AF-40