Tray Inserter

The Tray Inserter selects a sleeve from a stack in a bin. It opens the sleeve and positions it to receive the tray(s). The trays are erected and sent, by a Trayformer, to the Tray Inserter. The Tray Inserter positions one or two smaller trays and inserts them into the Sleeve.

Tray Inserter Features


Tray Inserter Construction

  • Allen-Bradley PLC Controls
  • Operator Interface for Setup/ Alarming/ Diagnostics
  • Up to 20 Cases/Min. (dependent on size)
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Easy to use Operator Interface with 'On-Board' help screens
  • Heavy-Duty Frame & Manufactured Parts
  • Powder Coating Finish
  • 6' Magazine for HSC Cases
  • UL508 Listed
  • Easy Access Lexan Guarding
  • Integrated Safety Guarding with separate E-Stop
  • OSHA-approved safety design
  • Option - Quick-disconnect field devices