Carton Top Sealer

Carton Top Sealer (CTS-25)

The Carton Top Sealer is a top sealing machine. It is Allen Bradley PLC controlled with a PanelView Plus HMI system. This machine was originally designed to handle small cartons with unusual flap lengths. It can be customized to run most configurations.

Carton Top Sealer


Carton Top Sealer

  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC
  • Allen-Bradley VFD
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus
  • Allen-Bradley Servo Drives
  • Ethernet communications
  • Safety Relay Protection
  • Heavy-duty frame & manufactured parts
  • Powder coating finish
  • Nordson Glue System
  • Allen-Bradley controls standards
  • UL508 listed
  • OSHA-approved safety design
  • Option - Quick-disconnect field devices
  • Option - Stainless steel packages