Product Distribution System

Product Distribution System

This system was designed and built to automate a manual process to unload, sort, present, reclaim and dispose merchandise from a storage area to an open retail floor.

This system loads a distribution conveyor to feed multiple customer access lanes of products. Merchandise can be arranged by types on different legs. A series of waterfall conveyors distribute the mechandise to each lane.

Once the merchandise meets its time on the floor, the system reverses that lane to return the merchandise back to the storage room for disposal by baling the clothing and placing the rest into an outside dumpster./

Distribution System


Distribution System

  • Bulk Fed Product System Introduction
  • Main Line Product Out Distribution
  • Feeds Multiple Lanes Automatically
  • Density Control through HMI Program
  • Product Return Via Primary Return Conveyor
  • Diverters to Auto Baling System or Compactor
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Heavy-duty frame & manufactured parts
  • Powder coating finish
  • UL508 listed
  • OSHA-approved safety design