Gantry Tier Sheet Dispenser

High-Level Tier Sheet Pick & Place Equipment: Slip sheets are loaded into a bin. An electrically driven gantry actuates to the pick point. A series of vacuum cups grab a single sheet. The gantry then moves to the drop point, the vacuum releases, and the slip sheet is placed into position. The number of slip sheets per minute varies with the distance required to move those sheets. Call for an estimate.

Tier Sheet Dispenser


Tier Sheet Dispenser Construction

  • Stand-alone controls (Allen Bradley)
  • HMI Interface
  • Includes Tier Sheet Bin
  • Gantry Transfer Carriage
  • Easily integrates into an existing palletizing system
  • Heavy-duty frame & manufactured parts
  • Powder coating finish
  • Allen-Bradley controls standards
  • UL508 listed
  • OSHA-approved safety design
  • Option - Quick-disconnect field devices
  • Option - Stainless steel packages