Case Flipper

Case Flipper System

This system was designed and built to flip sealed cases, around a horizontal axis, to the proper orientation for the next machine in the production line. It should be used on Automated Packaging Lines that utilize existing live roller style conveyors. This system is able to be pulled in/out of service rapidly.

Case Flipper Features


Case Flipper Construction

  • Quick change in and out of service
  • Capable of flipping 8-10 boxes per minute (Higher rates can be achieved. Please call for detailed information.)
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Heavy-duty frame & manufactured parts
  • Powder coating finish
  • Allen-Bradley controls standards
  • UL508 listed
  • Easy-access Lexan guarding
  • OSHA-approved safety design
  • Option - Portable
  • Option - "Pass Through" Capability
  • Option - Quick-disconnect field devices
  • Option - Low Pressure Wash-down
    (with SST)
  • Option - Stainless steel packages